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Write it right was initiated by Academic Practice and Student Experience (APSE), as part of an ongoing programme to enhance skills support at UEL.

Project team:


Erica Plowman, Learning Designer - project management/learning design

Andy Harris, Senior Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes - writer and academic consultant

Sarah Griffin, Learning Design Officer - project support/learning design

Dan Bowden, Materials Developer - web/multimedia development

Julie Baldry Currents, Director of APSE - project sponsor

Dallas Davis, Executive Officer, APSE - project support


Special thanks to:


Project Advisory Group


Gail May, Head of Education and Community Partnerships

Alix Hanson, Skillzone Adviser

Pauline Fearon, Writing Centre Co-ordinator

Ella Mitchell, Subject Librarian


Videos and Subject Advice:


Paul Penn, Lecturer, School of Pscyhology

Ian Wells, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology

Christian Richter, Principal Lecturer, Royal Docks Business School

Augustina Akoto, Lecturer, School of Law and Social Sciences

Syd Jeffers, Senior Lecturer, School of Law and Social Sciences

Sharon Brown, Principal lecturer, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Mark Hunter, Director, Institute of Performing Arts Development

Mark Wheeler, Lecturer, Cass School of Education and Communities

Barbara Catwell, Principal Lecturer, School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

and all the students and staff who gave their input and feedback throughout the development.


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